Rodman Owners Cruise to Guernsey

After trying twice to hold a Rodman Owners Club Cruise to Guernsey in July/August 2017, and both times having to cancel because of poor weather, we couldn't believe our luck when we set off from Birdham Pool at 6am on Friday 22nd June. Bright and sunny weather and calm waters were forecast for the whole weekend. Rodman 1250 'Helios' and Rodman 1170 'Jibjab' locked out of Birdham, and headed to the meeting point just between the Solent Forts. We were then joined by Rodman 1250 Fisher Pro 'Andiamo', followed by Rodman 1250 'Sophia Marie' and then Rodman 1040 'Dotty' before we headed off in convoy bound for Guernsey. As we approached the Alderney race we were joined by Portland based Rodman 1040 'Cerys' and as we all slowed up to bunch back together to be guided into Guernsey by one of our fantastic local owners, the sight of six Rodman's bearing down on you, side by side, was really quite something! 


We had prearranged to take on fuel with Rubis at St Sampsons, who were fantastic and organised two lorries to meet us to ensure as swift a fuelling stop as possible. We then headed past two huge cruise ships, dodging their tenders taking passengers ashore, around to our berths at Victoria Marina in St Peter Port, guided in by the Guernsey Harbours staff in their Dorys. After settling in, we then headed of for a wonderful evening meal at 'The Catch' restaurant, a short walk from the boats. Here we were joined by more local owners, and in total there were 26 of us, all enjoying the food, drink and mostly Rodman/fishing based chat!

Saturday was the day of the fishing competition, and the keen beans from 'Andiamo', 'Helios', 'Dotty', local boat 'Deni Mai' and Ben, Sean and Paul from RBS Marine, all headed out at 5.30am to get over the sill before the tide was too low. Rodman 1250 'Bea' had travelled to Guernsey separately a few days earlier, and she has caught some turbot, so everyone was keen to try and find some more! Rodman 1250 'Helios' had made the, perhaps unwise decision, to bet they could beat local 1250 'Deni Mai' in the fishing competition, with the winner getting the first annual Rodman Owners Club fishing trophy. Naturally, 'Deni Mai' caught quite a bit more, and 'Helios' handed over the trophy through only partially gritted teeth! The overall 'winner' of the fishing competition was the owner of 'Dotty' for his John Dory, but his crew mate also got the booby prize for catching pretty much nothing! Everyone was a winner though and the large haul of bream that came in from 'Andiamo' and some pollock from 'Deni Mai' ensured everyone ate very well that evening.


For 'Cerys' and 'Sophie Marie' who didn't go fishing, there was a wonderful afternoon of sightseeing in store. Accompanied by the local owners of Rodman 1250 'El Barco' and Rodman 800 'Beryl Ann' they were shown around Herme Bay and across to Sark through the Gouliot passage and to Havre Goselin. There was word that there were about 4 pods of dolphin in the harbour, but we were perhaps unlucky not to see any – or it might have had something to do with the powerboat race, where we saw Rodman 1250 ‘No Problem’ hard at work being a ‘guard boat’. Back at St Peter Port, we were joined by Jersey based Rodman 900 'Penhors' and her lovely family who joined us for the evening ahead of an early start for 6 year old Jack who wanted to full day of swimming at Herme bay on the Sunday!


Sunday was a day of rest, with some people heading to the pub to watch the England match (6-1!!) and a chance to explore some more of Guernsey, and all too soon it was time to head home on Monday. 'Cerys' decided to stay on in Guernsey, and 'Andiamo' headed across to Jersey, and the rest of us had the most wonderful cruise back across to the Solent - amazing crossing conditions, with the sea looking more like air than water for much of the trip! If the weather had thwarted our 2017 attempts at this trip, it had more than made up for it in 2018!


RBS Marine were so grateful to all of the Rodman Owners who joined the trip, and also to the local Guernsey based owners, who were so unbelievably warm and welcoming, and really looked after us! Rubis were fantastic for supplying the fuel lorries at St Sampsons and Steve at Guernsey Harbours was also super helpful. So sorry to Rodman 1250 'Dolphin II' who was intending on joining us, but the wind didn't drop in time for her to get around from the East Coast for the start of the trip - but we are already planning next year! Whether we head to Guernsey again, or perhaps across in the Weymouth direction, either way we can’t wait!


If you are a Rodman Owner (or prospective owner) and are keen on getting involved with the Rodman Owners Club, we have a very active Facebook page (just search Rodman Owners Club), a Rodman Owners Page on the RBS Marine website ( and we send out a regular Rodman Owners Newsletter. For more information please don’t hesitate to email or call us on 01243 512101.