Vacuum Infusion Techniques at Rodman

Vacuum Infusion Techniques at Rodman

During the production process of their latest Rodman 111 Patrol boat, the Rodman factory have shared on Facebook the technique of vacuum infusion used on the deck module.

Vacuum infusion means that the resin is drawn into the fibreglass mould by vacuum pressue via strategically placed tubes. This creates far less waste of resin, less mess, is safer, and most importantly creates a stronger structure with a better fibre to resin ratio. Too much resin can actually weaken an area, because resin alone is quite brittle, so with vacuum infusion and this improved fibre to resin ratio, you get a module that is stronger and lighter.

In the first stage of the process we can see this +100 foot deck being prepared prior to infusion.

Preparation Of Deck

Then we see the sealed bag in place ready for the injection of the resin.

Sealed Bag Covering Prior To Injection Of The Resin

After 70 minutes, we see the successful infusion of the resin. Fast, clean, efficient.

Successful Infusion

The Rodman shipyard produce a large amount of commercial craft each year, and bring this technology through to the leisure boats, ensuring the build strength, sea-keeping and quality is at the very highest level.

For videos and more pictures of the process please visit the RBS Marine and Rodman Facebook pages.