A Great Rodman Owners Weekend in the Solent!

A Great Rodman Owners Weekend in the Solent!

The long awaited Rodman Owners Solent Event took place last weekend, with owners enjoying a fishing competition, cruise and dinner. The weekend started with an early morning meet for three Rodman 1250's at Birdham. The beautiful morning light meant we grabbed this image of this Rodman 1250 who was joining the event on her way back to Guernsey.

1. Leaving Birdham (1024x 768)

The three 1250's the cruised down Chichester Harbour and headed to Gunwharf Quays to meet the other boats and owners, and have the briefing for the day.

6. Helios (1024x 684)

7. Heading Across To Gunwharf (1024x 768)

After the briefing, Rodman 1170 'Tenacity' was the first to head off, and a sneaky few of us might just have followed on, knowing that this boat was experienced at fishing out of Portsmouth.

9. Off To Fishing Spots (1024x 768)

10. Rodman 1170 Tenacity Fishing At Amchor (1024x 684)

Sure enough, Tenacity and her crew won the fishing competition landing this undulet ray pictured below left, which was actually one of three that they caught. The fishing competition was a bit of fun and judged on photos of the fish from the day.

15. Tenacity Ray (2) (960x 960)        16. Helios Bream (1024x 683)

The winner of 'The Fish the Judge would most like to take home (and eat)' was a lovely bream caught aboard Rodman 1250 'Helios' pictured above right.

After a day's fishing, we had six Rodman's (three 1250's, two 1170's and a Spirit 31) head up the Hamble River to Elephant Boat Yard, where we all enjoyed a lovely meal and drinks in 'The Ferry' restaurant, before returning to the boats, and waking up to some yummy breakfast sandwiches in the morning. All the owners who came along said they had a great time, and Ben and Dana, who were kindly loaned Rodman 1250 'Dennis' for the weekend really enjoyed themselves too.

20. Dinner At The Ferry (1024x 768)

Thank you to Gunwharf Quays Marina, who as ever were really friendly and accommodating, Paul, Skipper of Ocean Delivery who assisted in the organisation and came along to the event, and Mr Haley who let RBS Marine use his mega Rodman 1250 'Dennis'.

Now we can look forward to planning more events for next year, and already we have had a lot of interest in a Channel Islands event, both from customers already based in the Channel Islands, and those that would like to take their boats from the mainland for the trip. We will also look to do another more local event next year, and to save worry about the weather over the winter, meet up without the boats for a dinner around Christmas time.

There are more pictures on the Rodman Owners Club Facebook page and you can interact with us and other owners via the page. There is also a video on Youtube. If you are a Rodman Owner (or prospective owner!) and are interested in getting involved, or you are an owner and you haven't been receiving the Rodman Owners Newsletters, please drop an email to dana@rbsmarine.com.