Adventures of Rodman 1040 'Ambergris'

Adventures of Rodman 1040 'Ambergris'

Here at the Rodman Owners Club, we've been kept up to date with the wonderful adventures of Rodman 1040 'Ambergris' - with her most recent trip from Poole to the Isles of Scilly....

Foggy Falmouth (1)

A rather foggy start with a stop off in Falmouth, but the mist soon cleared to leave some lovely weather ahead.

Passage To The Scillies

New Grimbsy Sound

New Grimsby Sound, beautiful at sunset and early morning.

New Grimsby Sound#

Moored off Tresco.

Moored Off Tresco

Navigating past the Eddystone Lighthouse.

Passing The Eddystone Light (2)

Passing The Eddystone Light

On dry land, the main reason for the trip, ICE CREAM!

Scilly Cows

Waving goodbye, until next time!

Sun Down On Wake

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