Rodman 1040 Big Game Fishing in Madeira

Rodman 1040 Big Game Fishing in Madeira

Recently we heard from Mark, the owner of Rodman 1040 Blue Makira, about his adventures Big Game Fishing with the boat that is available to Charter in Madeira. Here, in his own words, is the story of what the boat has been getting up to!

"Blue Makaira (Blue Marlin) a Rodman 1040 was refitted for Big Game Fishing over the winter of 2015/16. Modifications to make her more suitable for her new life as a sports fisher was the removal of cabin two to allow better access for its new purpose as a tackle room, removal of the swim deck, addition of a hardtop to protect the crew from the Madeiran sun, changing out the  galley to allow further guest seating to be fitted. All this was then topped off with fitting a Big Game fighting chair, 35ft outriggers, top of the range Raymarine Navonics with 2kw Chirp fishfinder, and numerous rod holders!

For expedience purposes Blue Makaira was then transported by road to Lagos in the Algarve before being motored to Madeira and her final port of call at Calheta Marina. The 550+NM journey was completed in 55 hours without hitch, with fuel transfers undertaken part way through the journey from reserve tanks stored on the rear deck, a real adventure for a comparatively small boat.

Blue Makaira went into service in mid May 2016 with our first client hooking a 220lb Big Eye Tuna after only a few hours at sea, this client was followed by a succession of other clients over the 2016 season and fish that got larger and larger culminating in a number of Blue Marlin of over 900lbs and many Tuna over 200lbs .

Over the 2016 season Blue Makaira put over 700 hours on her engines and travelled some 5000NM, without hitch, in the Big Game Fish rich waters of Madeira. Notably for the 2016 season our customers all remarked what a great fishing platform the Rodman 1040 was, and how comfortable they were when on board.

A memorable year,  but most memorable was that on the 4th July Blue Makaira and her crew won the Blue Marlin World Championship with a Blue Marlin caught of 983lbs.

To follow our and our clients adventures see and Rodman Owners Club page on RBS Marine's Website, and the Rodman Owners Club page on Facebook.

Many thanks goes to RBS marine for their support during the refit and their superb support during our first season, we look forward to a continued relationship as we go we go into 2017 season."

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