Rodman Owners Solent Event 2017

Rodman Owners Solent Event 2017

We had a fantastic weekend with Rodman Owners at The Folly Inn, on the River Medina, Isle of Wight, this weekend. We accommodated 4 Rodman 1250's, a Rodman 1040 and a Rodman 800 on the Walk Ashore pontoons, giving us easy access to the restaurant (which was particularly useful on the way back to the boats after a lively evening!).

We had two boats join us from Guernsey with four guests from the Island in total. It was great for them to meet our owners from the Solent, and another owner who came all the way from Essex with his family in his 1250, as they are all planning on joining us for our Rodman Owners Club cruise to Guernsey in July.

After some introductions, drinks on the boats, and a little nosy at each other’s vessels, we headed up to The Folly Restaurant where we all enjoyed dinner, towards the end of which a live band set up and started playing. Before we knew it, Folly tradition had taken over and many owners were dancing on the tables (lead by one particularly enthusiastic member of the Guernsey contingent ;) ).

A lovely quite night on the river meant we were (mostly) refreshed in the morning to head back up to the Folly for a nice cooked breakfast, before everyone got on their way late morning.

We had wonderful feedback from the owners that joined us on the weekend, and everyone is now very much looking forward to the Guernsey trip, 21st-24th July. If you want to join us on the trip, please do not hesitate to email for more details, or call 01243 512101.


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