Kingfisher 10m Catamaran

The Kingfisher 10m Catamaran is truly a sight to behold on the water, and an experience to have aboard. Exceptional stability is achieved from the catamarans twin hulls that force the buoyancy around the outside of the boat, rather than in the middle. The usable deck space that is gained from a beamy twin hull is huge, and this space combined with the stability also offers excellent load carrying capacity for the commercial sector. With the props being so far apart, she has excellent manoeuvrability and you cannot beat a powercat for dryness - the narrow hulls slice through the water throwing minimal amounts of water up for the wind to toss back at you.

Inside, the twin hulls create great spaces for berths, tankage, refrigeration and accessible stowage. How you lay out your catamaran is up to you - that's the great thing about aluminium build, and with Kingfisher Catamarans, we can offer a bespoke service.

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Kingfisher 10m Catamaran

Inboard or outboard power with bespoke design


  • Hull length: 9.35m
  • Beam: 3.8m
  • Draft: 0.96m
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