Kingfisher 370 Minicat

The smallest of the Kingfisher Powercat range, but still offers amazing stability and performance. Ideal to trailer to your nearest launch and set off for a day's inshore fishing, the 370 Minicat, with its tiller steering, is a very manageable size for single handed trips but there is room to take a fishing buddy with you. With positive buoyancy to the floor and gunnels, and self draining deck through duckbill scuppers, the 370 Minicat performed excellently when 'swamp tested' (pumped full of water) and with the bungs out the upper wingdeck and outboard were still above water, the boat remaining afloat.


Unlike many other powered catamarans, Minicats are driven by single outboards mounted between the two hulls. Designer Kim Bertelsen put much time and thought into this process, "we've done plenty of experimenting with the tunnels and the characteristics of the hulls and deadrise. We've also come up with a good way to help direct water flow over the propeller and avoid cavitation". This ensures that there is no ventilation to the propellers and no problem getting the boats up on to the plane - the boats go exceptionally well with modest horsepower.


More engine options available, ask us for details.

Kingfisher 370 Minicat

The small cat with amazing stability and performance


  • 4 Rod holders (aft and forwards)
  • 2 x Grab rails (transom)
  • Dual open storage areas forwards
  • Self draining anchor well
  • Side cross seat
  • Fully integrated bathing platform
  • Built in rear seat


  • Hull length: 3.7m
  • Beam: 1.8m
  • Draft: 0.2m
  • Hull bottom thickness: 3mm alloy
  • Hull sides thickness: 3mm alloy
  • Floor: 4mm alloy treadplate
  • Transom height: 20''
  • Recommended engine size: 15-30hp
  • Hull weight: 200kg approximately
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