Rodman 55

The unique design of the Rodman 55 lets this high-speed patrol boat to provide the best performance and manoeuvrability available, reaching maximum speeds of up to 50 knots. This craft is perfect for sea intervention operations where a quick reaction is essential.

Well known for it's use by the Spanish Guardia Civil, the Rodman 55 is also popular with many other government agencies around the world. 

Rodman 55

The ultimate in speed and agility, capable of 50 knot speeds


  • Hamilton water jets
  • Glass fibre construction reinforced with Kevlar
  • Rubbing fender around the boat
  • Armoured wheelhouse/cabin
  • 5 Ergonomic padded seats in the wheelhouse
  • Heads compartment
  • Galley
  • 110L S/S Fresh water tank
  • Forward area gun base
  • Gun base to port and starboard bulwarks


  • Length Overall: 17.33 m
  • Hull Length: 3.98 m
  • Draft: 0.95m
  • Fuel capacity: 3000L
  • Crew: 5 persons
  • Engine: 2 x 1360hp jet drives
  • Max. Speed: 50 knots
  • Cruising speed: 42 knots
  • Range at cruising speed: 300nm
  • Light displacement approx.: 20 tons